meet our pastors

  • Pastor Dale & Debi Adams
    Senior Pastors

    Dale has been the senior pastor since 2005.  He and Deb are avid motorcycle riders and love the outdoors.  He is known around the church as "Pastor Gadget" since he loves any form of technology and whenever there are any tech problems at the church, he simply touches things and they start to work.  Deb is also an ordained minister and a board certified chaplain. She is also a published author and is very busy as a chaplain.

  • Pastor Bryan & Bethany Schroder
    Associate/Youth Pastors

    Bryan Schroder has been our associate pastor since January, 2020. Bryan and his wife, Bethany lead worship and  oversee our "Engage" student ministries. The mission of "Engage" is to raise up a generation that knows the truth about Jesus and their identity in Him so they can impact the culture for the kingdom of God. Bryan and Bethany have been involved in various aspects of ministry for 14 years and have a passion for outreach as well. Bryan enjoys coffee, journaling, exercise and martial arts. Bethany owns a small business and enjoys exercise and cooking.

  • Pastor Ron & Elaine Overly
    S.A.I.N.T.S. Pastors

    SAINTS is our ministry to the "more mature" members of the flock.  It stands for  Seniors Advancing In New Testament Service.  Pastor Ron will make you laugh, guaranteed, but beneath that big smile and hearty laugh is a real man of God who will challenge the way you think about getting old.  Elaine has a heart of gold and is every bit as passionate and gifted in caring for our seniors.

  • Pastor Angie & Tiger Kuhn
    Director of Family Ministries

    Angie has been involved with children's ministry most of her life. She is our Director of Family Ministries which encompasses ministry to our children, our moms and even our Tea 4 Two. (our ministry to widows)  Her husband, Tiger, serves as one of our deacons and is an awesome drummer on our worship team.